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This document describes the usage of iVALT® platform.

iVALT® is a User Biometric ID Platform provider. Our Platform provides an additional layer of security by providing 3-factor user authentication.

Following 3rd Party Applications are meant to use our solution:

  • WordPress Web Professionals (admin users) who manage websites for many SMBs.
  • Crypto wallet users on selected blockchain Platforms.
  • Secure document access providers to ensure the user is actually the person authorized and not a person impersonating the user using valid credentials.
  • Users and application providers desiring a self-test to ensure the user of the phone fits the biometric profile registered and enrolled on the iVALT® Platform, prior to or during use of iVALT® enabled Applications.
  • Users seeking log files to provide visibility into iVALT® use and history for accessing various Applications

There are about 70 million WordPress Web professionals worldwide who use the traditional method of userid/password login method to gain access to the admin consoles of their websites. These sites are often hacked since the userid/password mechanism is prone to weak passwords, poor password security and password sharing. These hacked websites create significant disruptions in SMB businesses and impact revenue generation. By using the iVALT® Platform with its Mobile App, Web professionals are able to mitigate the hacking and unauthorized use issues. iVALT® currently has a WordPress plugin available for use by WordPress customers.

User Guide to Set up the iVALT® App on iPhone

The following steps are required by mobile users to access and utilize the iVALT® iPhone App.
  • App Installation: User downloads the iVALT® App from the Apple Store to install it on his phone. The App is currently free for download.
  • Mobile ID registration and biometrics enrollment: Before using the iVALT® App, the user must go through a one-time registration and enrollment process.
    • Upon opening the App for the first time, the user will be prompted with a service agreement to accept.
    • The user then provides his phone number in the App.
    • Upon receiving the phone number, the iVALT® Platform sends an OTP code to the user’s iPhone to verify the registration process.

    • A screen is then presented to the user to select the biometric ID method to be used. iVALT provides the option to its users to choose the native authentication method supported on iPhones supported by Apple Inc. For iPhone version X and above, Apple supports facial id authentication and, for the iPhone ver 5 through ver 8, touch ID is used for native authentication method.
    • Upon choosing the iPhone’s auth method, we register the user to use Apple’s Local Authentication and create an iVALT specific Biometric ID.
    • Upon the generation of this ID, the user is notified on the App of a successful registration and enrollment

    • 3rd Party App Association:

    • As an example, a user such as a WordPress admin would login to WordPress through the normal Admin login authentication (userid/password). The following steps are necessary for WordPress activation (note: the iVALT® Mobile App must be fully installed, registered and enrolled successfully before these steps):
      • The WordPress admin downloads the iVALT® plugin for his computer from the WordPress Dashboard (the plugin library) and activates it.
      • The admin then uses the plugin (now on the left nav within the WordPress Dashboard) to register the phone number used with the previous iVALT® Mobile App registration and biometrics enrollment. A request will be sent by the WordPress plugin for the user to authenticate on their mobile phone to complete the WordPress installation. A success message will appear on both the iVALT® Mobile App and on WordPress.
    • Authentication: The iVALT® Mobile App provides the biometric authentication service as required by the following steps.
      • The WordPress admin logs into his or her WordPress account using userid/password. The iValt® plugin activated in Step 3 prompts the iVALT® Platform to initiate a Universal Biometric ID verification process using the registered iVALT® App on the admin’s registered phone.
      • After being prompted (message) on the mobile phone by the iVALT® Platform, the user then clicks to open the iVALT® Mobile App. The iVALT® App captures live images of the user’s face to create encoded images. These images are sent to the iVALT® Platform in encrypted format for ID verification.
      • After the ID is verified, the user is then presented with a success message on his mobile phone and the WordPress login session is automatically logged in via the plugin.
      • This completes the login session to access the WordPress Admin console (dashboard).

    The above steps are described in detail in the following sections.

    There are situations when the user may not be able to use the iVALT® App, such as not having access to the Mobile Phone. We have provided a browser extension that serves as a fallback option in this case. User can install our browser extension on their desktop device and configure it to be associated with his biometric ID. As needed, he or she can use this browser extension to authenticate with iVALT® Platform. The browser extension captures user facial images using the camera on the desktop or laptop device. It then uses the same proprietary protocol to authenticate the user with the iVALT® Platform. This fallback situation will only be made available when the primary iVALT® Platform process fails on the Mobile App.

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Steps to use iVALT app with Wordpress

A sample WordPress Admin website instance is provided for testing purposes for Apple iPhone App certification. Please follow the link http://baldevkrishan.com/demo12/WordPress-admin to access. Please ensure that the iVALT® Mobile App is installed, registered and enrolled before opening WordPress to activate the service.

Username: admin
Password: Admin@123
(The iVALT® plugin has already been installed. You just need to activate it and click on the left navigation button for iVALT® to enter and register your Mobile phone number. The plugin will prompt for a facial profile to connect the WordPress site with the user’s iVALT® Mobile App.

As mentioned before, the Android version of this App is already available on Google Play. For further info, please visit www.ivalt.com Additional docs: User agreement: https://ivalt.com/help/privacy-policy.html

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