Online Logins and On-Demand IDs Require 3 Things....

Universal Biometric IDTM

iVALT® Use Cases

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Potential applications where iVALT plug can be used:

(See details in “Use Cases” section of this site)

  • Adding (MFA) multifactor authentication to the existing applications.
  • Incorporating Facial authentication in new applications.
  • Replacing Facial authentication for application access instead of Login & Password access.
  • Applications requiring location and facial verification.
  • Adding additional layer of security for secure applications.
  • Controlling IOT devices.
  • Secure access to the documents.

o LMS login

Incorporating Facial authentication in new applications

o iVALT login

o Remote worker ID
o Attendance
o Online assessments

o High value transactions in banking

Home security & automation
o Locker operation

o Opening secure documents
o Downloading secure documents

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