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The use of multiple endpoint “dimensions” is key differentiator of iVALT’s solution for identity.  These dimensions can be dynamic depending on the specific application and its corresponding risk profile.

iVALT’s IDENTITY Validation Platform® consists of a SaaS-based engine for authentication, risk profiles and workflows, as well as a mobile app for capturing user biometrics and mobile ”context” of the user’s authentication.  Together, identity consists of multiple attributes that do not need to be associated with credentials and 2FA digits.

The result of iVALT’s verification of identity is WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHY, creating an innovative, unique, and powerful way to ensure the right person is at the endpoint.

ENDPOINT IDENTITY Orchestration I-Click Five Dimensions of IDENTITY

iVALT goes further to allow the data collected at the endpoint to be used in “Dynamic Access Management”.  For example, a user with full access to everything may be limited based on biometrics scores, location or time of day.  This is a clear enhancement to traditional IAM solutions.

Beyond identity verification, iVALT also makes authentication data available to any AI engine that might be used to continue to improve the relative importances of the various endpoint attributes.  This data can also be used to refine what data is requested and captured in future endpoint authentications.

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